All bank balance enquiry number list

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We all realize that currently checking your stability thru ATM may have constrained get entry to. After few usages, Banks start to charge for such ATM utilization. Internet banking is one more facility wherein you could effortlessly take a look at your stability. However, do you know the way you could test financial institution account balance at freed from a fee? This facility of banking is known as “Missed Call Banking” or “Missed Call Balance Enquiry”.

Effective from 1st November 2014, financial savings account holders in metropolitan cities could be allowed simplest five ATM transactions and 3 for other banks ATM transactions. If you operate more than this restriction then banks fee you Rs.20 for each transaction. Cities considered for those expenses are Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.
For the relaxation of locations, the loose usage limit from other banks ATM remained as five most effective. However, account holders of small / no frills / Basic Savings Bank Deposit account are exempted from such charges. Therefore, they experience the limit of 5 unfastened transactions from exceptional bank ATM. Transaction which means of that is, economic and non-financial. Meaning of Financial transactions is coins withdrawal or price and that means of non-economic transactions are checking account balance, exchange of ATM PIN, mini declaration, etc.

Considering the above policies, you experience restrained for utilization of ATM. Because even your balance inquiry from an ATM is taken into consideration as one greater transaction. So the opposite alternatives left for you is both use net banking or the use of the currently launched ignored call banking facility. However, net banking again requires net connection and activation of net banking facility.
Instead, it is simple to apply missed call banking facility for such easy transaction of understanding your balance. Hence, I feel this facility maximum available as it is very FREE. If you need to recognise the account stability or transaction information or even forestall the cheque price, then you certainly want to in fact textual content in a prescribed layout for your financial institution or deliver them a overlooked name and all of the required information might be to be had to you through SMS in your cellular.